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Originals by Weber
Personal Comfort Products


1. Denture liners
2. Sleep Masks
3. Flex Drum Sander Kit
5. Thermal Wrist Wraps
6. Books by Weber
7. Toasty Feet Cold Weather Products

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A QUICK SUMMARY OF WEBER PRODUCTS read the paragraph below:

(1) Raynaud's  Wrist & Ankle Wraps(Pat. Pend.) for people with always cold hands and feet due to the effects of Raynaud's Syndrome.

(2) Our new Toasty Feet Foot Warmers do just what their name says: "keep your feet Toasty Warm!

(3) Original Disposable Sleep Masks that are practical and low in cost. 

(4) No Light Sleep Masks. They really "darken" any place you want to sleep at very low "room darkening cost."  

(5) Denture Liners are quite popular with all people who wear false teeth. 

(6) Flex Drum Sander.  It makes round wood sanding easier than ever before.

(7) Weber PreFormed Denture Liners . You can order denture liners in your choice of pre-shaped liners as Uppers or Lowers.  

(8) Weber Hearing Aids  helpers can make your hearing aids much more comfortable while at the same time eliminating those annoying whistles, beeps, squeals and wind noise.

(10)ANCHORS OF FAITH,a 318 page book written by Terrance L. Weber (Go to:All Products & Order Page in the list on the left side of this page.- it is the 5th title down from the top)