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Originals by Weber
Personal Comfort Products


1. Denture liners
2. Sleep Masks
3. Flex Drum Sander Kit
4. Label Peeler
5. Thermal Wrist Wraps
6. Books by Weber
7. Toasty Feet Cold Weather Products

8. Snore No More Chin Strap


FOR MORE Weber Denture Liner INFORMATION: My new EBook now available.  To learn more about  your new life as you live with dentures, go to the following website and get a copy of my Ebook: "Living With Dentures" (by: T.L. Weber).  It only costs $2.00

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FOR A QUICK SUMMARY OF WEBER PRODUCTS read the paragraph below:

FOR MORE INFORMATION  go to the "ALL PRODUCTS & ORDER PAGE"in the list on your left.

(1) Raynaud's  Wrist & Ankle Wraps(Pat. Pend.) for people with always cold hands and feet due to the effects of Raynaud's Syndrome.

(2) Our new Toasty Feet Foot Warmers do just what their name says: "keep your feet Toasty Warm!

(3) Original Disposable Sleep Masks that are practical and low in cost. 

(4) No Light Sleep Masks. They really "darken" any place you want to sleep at very low "room darkening cost."  

(5) Denture Liners are quite popular with all people who wear false teeth. 

(6) Flex Drum Sander.  It makes round wood sanding easier than ever before.

(7) Weber PreFormed Denture Liners . You can order denture liners in your choice of pre-shaped liners as Uppers or Lowers.  

(8) Weber Hearing Aids  helpers can make your hearing aids much more comfortable while at the same time eliminating those annoying whistles, beeps, squeals and wind noise.

9)Raynaud's WRIST & ANKLE WRAPS (Pat. Pend.)-new way to overcome the discomfort of cold hands, fingers feet and toes.

(10)ANCHORS OF FAITH,a 318 page book written by Terrance L. Weber (Go to:All Products & Order Page in the list on the left side of this page.- it is the 5th title down from the top)


• BLOGS by Terry Weber are listed below, near bottom of list on your left.


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6/19/12 NOTICE:Since has granted me bragging rights. I am pleased to brag to everyone about the award they gave me a few days ago. Ever since 2005 when I began sending my originals articles to them, I have been one of their "Platinum Expert Authors". Their highest award. Now they have a new and higher award known as the: " Diamond Expert Authors Award." 

They have just given me that honor for the many article I've sent to them.  They say I am now one of the "best of the best" of their more than 446,889 worldwide expert authors.


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If you would like to "come alongside" a friend or family member with a unique gift, but are not sure what kind of GIFT product you want, all GIFT SUGGESTIONS such as: No Light Sleep Mask, Weber Denture Liner Kit and Flex Drum Sander Kit are listed to your left. You can scroll down the list and click on any GIFT that looks interesting to you.

Or, if you just want to BROWSE FOR A GIFT - and sort of look around - go ahead, Then if you have any questions about what you've seen, send me an email.


Below are SOME GREAT GIFT IDEAS just for you:

 Gift # (1) A No Light sleep mask This No Light Sleep mask, also called a blindfold, actually keeps out all light, for better, more restful sleep even in a brightly lit room. - the No Light Sleep mask, eye cover is made only by Weber. The Weber No Light Sleep mask with our new, unique "Weber Washable Liner" made to keep the inside of any sleep mask always clean, fresh and sanitary. Another benefit of the Liners: they make any sleep mask last much longer. 

A Weber No Light Sleep Mask can be a most welcome "come alongside "kind of gift for your friends and relatives who have trouble getting to sleep because of bothersome lights that shine in their eyes all the time. Now, with the new Weber No Light Sleep Mask, you can help them get a much better night's sleep no matter where they are.     

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(T) FLEX DRUM SANDER KIT is a wonderful Gift and a way for you to - in a very practical way - "come alongside" one or more of the woodworkers you know. The can use this Flex Drum Sander Kit every time they have round wood: canes, diamond willow staffs, dowels, etc. to sand smooth and beautiful. The Flex Drum Sander Kit is a great way to remove bark and reshape and bring out the natural beauty of any and all round wood projects. Flex Drum Sander is a much faster and far easier way to get the sanding job done with pleasure instead of with hours of sweat and toil when doing the sanding laboriously without using this Flex Drum Sander Kit. See more details by clicking on: Flex Drum Sander Kit in the list on your left.

To place your order Click  "ORDER" near top of the list on your left  There you will see all of  the products on this website. Satisfaction guaranteed or money back!

Other Weber Gift Items Include:

NASA Non Electric Foot Warmers Coolers

Ben Franklin Step Stool Library Chair Kit (unfinished Oak)

Weber Original Hand Carved Shorebirds

Hand Carved Coffee Cup Mouse

Cape May Diamond Necklace, Earrings

Weber Original Disposable Blindfold Eye Cover Mask has no metal parts, so it is ideal for use with MRI and Radiology examinations.

Weber Tym-Out Sleep Mask is light weight, has washable inner liner and is very comfortable

We also offer you other gift items such as our unique Hand Turned Wooden Pens,

Original Paintings by Terry Weber

To place your order just Click  "ORDER" in the list on your left. Satisfaction guaranteed or money back!

 Also included are a number of my interesting Blogs (some Christian, others patriotic) all were written by Terry Weber for your enlightenment and enjoyment.

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Originals By Weber

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