#47 Library Chair Step Stool Plans Only (1)
You-Build -It ••• Full Size Plans 3-in-l : Chair, step stool, small folding ladder


Full Size plans and templates you can build the chair exactly like the plans or you can modify the design with your own unique ideas.

You simply trace the full size plans on the wood of your choice and then cut out with band saw or saber saw (jig saw). 

You will need 11 board feet of wood to make one chair.

May have been invented by: Benj. Franklin (?)



THIS IS A UNIQUE THREE-IN-ONE CHAIR OF SOLID OAK THAT IS MADE TO STAND ON (like a ladder). Use as: (1) CHAIR (2) STEP STOOL (3) SHORT LADDER or As A Unique, Attention Getting Shelf For Your Indoor Plants Or Knick-Knacks



Picture on right shows Library Chair as a step stool.  

 Picture on left show Library Chair parts as they will look after you have cut them out ofa wood of your choirc (11 board feet of wood needed.)